Organic Lawn Care Services in Bend

Organic Lawn Care Bend

Organic Lawn care services from Clean Air Lawn Care Bend are a full-service eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas fueled lawn care. We service Bend neighborhoods with electric equipment powered by renewable energy sources.
Switching to solar-powered mowers allows Al and his team to eliminate the need for noisy, smelly gas powered equipment that pollutes our  air quality. We also offer organic lawn treatment services that are safe for pets and children.

Lawn Care Services by Clean Air Lawn Care in Redmond and Bend residential lawns - Mowing

We have pre-packaged lawn care programs or we can customize our services to fit your unique needs. Ask us how.

Sustainable Lawn Care in Bend, OR

  • Mowing – Accessible turf areas mowed per customer service agreement using sustainable electric and biodiesel powered equipment. Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center.
  • Trimming – Turf areas adjacent to curbs, sidewalks, driveways & patios trimmed.
  • Edging – Edging performed at start of service each season and maintained through the year.
  • Blowing/Clean-up – Sidewalks, patios, porches & driveways blown with each mowing.

Organic Lawn Care in Bend, OR

  • Organic Lawn Treatment Services – Organic fertilizers, organic pre-emergent weed control, and micro-organism soil builders customized to your region and soil type to create and maintain a beautiful lawn, that respects your family’s health and the local/global environment.

Additional Lawn Care Services

  • Bed Maintenance/Shrub Service – Light pruning, weeding, and overall general maintenance of beds is included with a bed maintenance package. Complete fall clean-up/removal of leaves can be included in general bed maintenance. Service is generally provided once per month but can be customized to fit your situation.
  • Spring/Fall Clean Up – We will prepare your yard and beds for Spring/Fall. We will weed, prune perennials and grasses (other bushes and hedges as necessary), remove leaves and debris, and mulch if required. All debris will be recycled at a composting facility.
  • Mulch Installation – Includes prepping beds, selection & delivery of mulch, and spreading mulch.This is done to dramatically reduce weed population, retain moisture & improve the overall appearance. Mulching should be done annually at a minimum.
  • Moss Treatment/Thatching – Clean Air can help you rid your lawn of that pesky moss that is so common in the Pacific Northwest. We offer treatment and rake out services to help you build that healthy turf you are looking for. Moss treatment is typically followed up by the aeration/overseed/topdressing. This is done in the Spring.
  • Core Aeration/Overseeding – We off core aeration in the spring and fall to reduce compaction and thatch layer. Aeration also helps provide oxygen and vital nutrients directly to the root zone. It is recommended annually and should be done in conjunction with organic fertilization.
  • Topdressing – Applying a layer of topdressing can be done with or without overseeding. This provides vital nutrients to the soil to build a healthy lawn and soil base. This should be completed in the Spring and may be required as part of an core aeration/overseeding.